About this site

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This site is all about sharing the vibes of living life as a Software Engineer through the eyes of a specific engineer, at least for the time being! Hopefully more will join as time goes.

The vibe will be generated using posts on the following topics

Life Lessons! I've been writing code for 30 years and been a software engineer professionally for close to 17. So I've been pretty successful in not breaking anything production, not have any kind of data leak, or have some quite cause they hated my guts as their manager. Hence, I feel like I've earned the right to provide my $0.02 on engineering life lessons

Rants! Some topics are just too interesting or polarizing depending on how you look at it! I love to go on rants, look at the topic from every possible angle including my own experiences.

Time Machine, review of old products and gadgets. I have a few from various points in my life. I think it's very interesting to talk and learn about them cause they show where we're all coming from!

Reviews. I love gadgets, buttons, blinking lights. The more the gadget is non-mainstream, the better! It opens your eyes to possibilities!