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I am very excited to be writing this first post! I've spent my whole life being a software engineer but never had an outlet where I can share everything about my life as a software engineer. I've tried it all, Instagram, Twitter a coding blog etc. but always limited in some ways.

This is going to be a bit more open. Going from product reviews & code samples all the way to rants and life lessons.

I wrote my first program in grade 7 on an Amiga 500, which means I've been writing programs for close to 30 years! Professionally, I got my first software engineering gig at a software house in Pakistan in 2003. Hence, been doing it professionally for close to 17 year now!

Software engineering is more than just a job, it's a way of life for me. It's what I do for work, it's what I do for fun and it's what I end up talking about at family gatherings when everyone's been saving up a tech problem of theirs to have me look at!

As a way of life, here are some examples...

I don't care how you pronounce my name, but I care how you handle me. "Danish" is just my variable name in this code of life. Variable names mean nothing when the code gets compiled into machine language. The processor runs the routines, doesn't even care what the variable names were. Likewise, I pay more attention to how someone treats me. Whether they respect me or not. Do they acknowledge my existence and help me make my life better. If you do all that, I don't really care what you call me.

I fix my problems like I fix code issues in a debugger. I evaluate each problem line-by-line, see what effects it's having on my life. Evaluate all paths of execution to see where the problem could lie, or where can there be other places that might yield the same problem.

You're taught a lot about abstraction in computer science. It's the art of looking at a specific problem through the eye of a more abstract problem in computer science. Often you find that many different real world problems are often basically the same abstract problem. Once you do that, it's easier to find a solution since many of the abstract problems have solved by a lot of intelligent people. Same principle can actually be applied to your day to day life as well with great results!

This is what I hope to do through EngVibe. Share my thoughts on how I see life through my lens. See you soon!

Danish Mujeeb

Danish Mujeeb

New York City